Covid Information - Stonehaven Dental Practice

Please observe the necessary protocols we have put in place for staff and patient safety.

Pre-appointment Screening and Patient Communication

We will be using digital forms, where possible.  Please complete your online medical history forms via email before your appointment.  This is especially important as there are Covid-19 questions that allow us to determine any risk and schedule appointments accordingly to reduce the spread of infection. 

Staggering appointments

Whenever possible, the appointments will be staggered and prolonged to allow time for thorough cleaning and facilitate social distancing between patients.

Arrival at the practice and the Check-in Process

· Please wear a facemask and sanitise your hands before entering.

· If you pay for your dental treatment, please bring your debit card so you can make a contactless payment.  You may check if you are entitled to free dental treatment here 

· Please enter the practice at the time of your appointment to ensure adequate social distancing.

· Leave your coats/ bags in the car if possible.

· Please use the toilet before leaving your home, as the access to the facilities is reduced

· Please arrive early for your appointment. Patients who arrive late will not be able to be seen due to additional measures in place.

· If we have concerns about Covid you may need to attend Aberdeen Dental Hospital for your care.

· You must attend the practice alone unless you require a carer.

· You will be asked to use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser upon arrival.

· Our staff will be wearing personal protective equipment, please don’t be alarmed by this!  It is for your safety and ours.

Restricted Practice Entry

Entry to the practice will be restricted to essential staff and patients by appointment only. We would ask you to attend on your own whenever possible.

Preparation for treatment

· Please avoid touching your face/ eyes and mouth when in the practice.

· The dentist will remove and replace any dentures.

· During your treatment, we will wear the necessary personal protective equipment.

Upon completion of your treatment

· Your dentist will provide an aftercare advice sheet which may also be emailed to you.

· You will be directed to the exit by a member of staff and asked to sanitize your hands upon departure.  We thank you for your understanding and cooperation in these difficult times.